C51-Wireless Headset

C51-Wireless Headset

EARMOR® C51 electronic noise reduction headsets can provide hearing protection in noisy environments, and can sense the environment through the sound pickup function. With the Bluetooth® function, you can connect to Wireless devices for telephone communication, send voice messages or listen to music during work. Suitable for many industries: oil and gas industry, mining industry, automobile manufacturing, building construction, design, food and beverage manufacturing, forestry, industrial maintenance, metal manufacturing, military maintenance, equipment maintenance, pharmaceuticals, racing, transportation.


For the best protection, ear cushion sealing ring should seal firmly against head, Anything that
interferes with the seal — such as long hair(pull back to the extent possible), thick or poorly
fitting eyeglass temples, pencils or caps will lessen the protection.

  • Earmuffs must be regularly inspected for cracks or worm parts and replaced as needed. Typical
    life for foam cushion sealing rings is 12 months.
  • Clean the exterior of the hearing protector regularly with soap and warm water. Do not immerse
    the whole headset in water.
  • Do not store the hearing protector behind a windshield or at temperatures above 131°F(55°C).
  • Certain chemical substances may damage this product. Contact the manufacturer for more


If instructions are not followed, bodily injury may result or protection may be severely
These hearing protectors help reduce exposure to hazardous noise and other loud sounds.
Misuse or failure to wear hearing protectors at all times when you are exposed to noise may
result in hearing loss or injury.
If there is any drainage from your ear or if you have an ear infection, consult with your
physician before wearing hearing protection. Failure to do so may result in hearing loss or
For proper use, see user instructions or contact EARMOR customer service Email:


EARMOR® C51 electronic Hearing Protector are tested and certified according to the following
ANSI S3.19-1974
EN 352-1:2020
EN 352-6:2020
Noise Reduction Rating – 24dB
EARMOR® C51 Attenuation data, American National Standards Institute specifications ANSI


User Manual: